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Miguel Ángel Andreu, a.k.a. “The Lord of Denim”, is a Mexican native who is making history with his vision.

The phone doesn’t stop ringing… On the other side Miguel Ánglel Andreu Marín picks up. He is in Leon, Guanajuato, a strategic cone where “everything is near”. Born in Puebla, he has also lived in Mexico City and Monterrey. It is early in the morning and names of suppliers, companies, and types of fabric start flowing. It would seem like another world is happening inside his head.

His experience has allowed him to make a name for himself in the industry, which in turn has given him the opportunity to learn about the newest technologies around the world. Shortly, he will be in front of Intermoda’s audience giving a speech. With more than 30 years of experience working in manufacturing, his innovations with denim have allowed him to make a name for himself, and this will be an opportunity for his suppliers to showcase the latest technologies not only in denim finishes, but also in the production, cutting, best sewing threads, machinery, and consumer trends. “Consumers and producers have been synergizing together, and a need for more casual yet comfortable, durable, and easy-to-clean garments  has emerged; all of these factors are the ones that have helped denim to grow, not only in Mexico, but internationally”, Miguel Ángel Andreu Marín commented in an interview.

About denim innovation, he explains that you can categorize them into three areas: fashion, functional, and technological. “Functional innovation would be for example what Cotton, Inc. calls a water or stain repellant, which makes it difficult for the garment to get dirty even if you spill oil or food over it, that protects it; the ultraviolet finishes are something that protect the skin, avoiding sunburn, using fabric that doesn’t allow sunrays to penetrate; the other segment is made up of the technological fibers, in this case a fiber that combats cellulitis; normally denim is made out of cotton, and what we are doing is mixing it with the aforementioned fiber to give it properties of protection against cellulitis”, Andreu Marín explains.

His vision doesn’t stop there. The Lord of Denim is in the lookout for smart textiles, in other words, the development of a second skin. “We have always said that fabric is a second skin, but now we want to prove this in every sense of the word; we want our textiles to feel, act, and react to the stimulus of the environment.

This is happening gradually. One of the best examples that he quoted was a garment that notifies the doctor in case of a heart attack, while it performs a massage, or the development of a textile in which cell-stems would be placed, where a person’s organ would be cultivated to then be implemented into his or her body. “That’s where the industry is heading, this is happening. The most common thing is to make reinforcements with fabric, mainly for the meniscus in the knees or the cartilage in the spine, as these wear out quickly in older people; it is a very common practice in Europe to use textiles for this instead of grafts”.

His objective, now that he will share his time with us at Intermoda, is to show the producers the transcendence and importance of this age shift, one where the consumer is looking for more technology. “We are leaving the basics behind, I mean, how we can take the next step to engage the consumer of the 21st century, who needs clothing from the 21st century that addresses their new needs. It is not an easy job, but I can see that people are slowly becoming convinced that we are in a new era that is bringing new needs”, he concluded.

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