The growth of the industrialists and marketers of this sector will not be possible if the right conditions for competition are not in place.

The grand opening of Intermoda’s 62nd edition (Spring-Summer 2015, Autumn-Winter 2015/16 version) took place on a redesigned stage. The presidium was made up of designer María Rosario Mendoza Verduzco, President of CANAIVE Jalisco; José Palacios Ferrer, Secretary of Economic Development for the State of Jalisco; Juan Alonso Niño Cota, Coordinator of the Board of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco, and Héctor Reyes, President of Intermoda, who pointed out that Intermoda has the strong commitment of growing the businesses of its exhibitors and buyers, who carry out their activities under complicated and sometimes extremely adverse circumstances.

He mentioned that at Intermoda, they are aware that a fashion industry is not viable if it doesn’t approach the trends in design, and that the field of design has no future if it doesn’t have a corporate and global view that allows it to gain more buyers.

Therefore, he added, Intermoda renews its commitment to become a commercial space for Mexican designers, hence the efforts to consolidate areas such as the New Talent pavilion and the Designer’s Corner at this edition.

As for María Rosario Mendoza, President of the Clothing Industry Chamber of Jalisco, she assured that this is the biggest showcase of the industry in Latin America, and that the growth of the industrialists and marketers in this sector will be possible if the adequate conditions for competition aren’t in place, as well as a leveled playing field, especially when competing against major corporations and international chains.

“A common private and public vision is necessary, for the authorities to be able to notice and support private projects and to create the legal conditions to benefit the small- and medium-sized companies of this sector in particular, which make up the great majority of the companies in this industry”.

The designer and business woman pointed out the measures announced by the Ministries of Finance and Economy in December, to legally support the growth of the industry and protect the fashion industrialists against disloyal commercial practices. These measures will take effect starting next February 1st.

Finally, José Palacios Ferrer, the Secretary of Economic Development of the State of Jalisco, announced that this entity has produced the best results regarding job generation, with 113,683 jobs created (a historical figure) in 2013 and 66,900 jobs created in 2014. He said that there is a strong commitment to boost the fashion industry and the sectors that comprise it: clothing, textile, jewelry, and footwear.

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