IM Intermoda grows

More than a tradeshow, it is a venue with business perspectives.

Mexico hosts the second most number of exhibits in Latin America and the Caribbean (23.3% of all exhibits).

The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the International Trade Show Association of the Americas (AFIDA), gather the main players in the tradeshow and exhibition industries in Latin America and around the world, and IM is one of them.

In a world of constant communication, finding our clients is becoming an easier task, however, to connect with them becomes a bigger challenge. Technology has changed the way in which we conduct business, now more than ever face-to-face communication becomes fundamental and, what better place to connect with our clients than a business tradeshow?

Driven by the region’s economic perspectives and the increasing purchasing power of the expanding middle-class, the business exhibit and tradeshow industry in Latin America has experienced a significant development in the last decade, and it offers spectacular growing opportunities. Business trade shows taking place in the region are increasing in number and quality, which allows companies interested in the Latin American markets to choose the right trade show from a wide array of specialized options.

Around 1,670 business trades hows take place in Latin America, however, 54.5 per cent of them take place in only two countries: Brazil and Mexico. Mexico occupies the second place in Latin America and the Caribbean, with 389 trade shows, which represents 23.3 per cent . Guadalajara is also an important stage for the exhibition and trade show industry, as it is the fifth most important city in Latin America, with 63 tradeshows that represent a 3.8 per cent of participation in the market. Expo Guadalajara – the venue that hosts IM Intermoda – occupies the third place in Latin America in the number of events that it hosts, and it is the third biggest venue in the region.

IM Intermoda is an active member of the International Trade Show Association of the Americas (AFIDA) and The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and its presence in the international market is increasing. IM Intermoda participated in the AFIDA-UFI Conference, which was held in Colombia from October 29th to November 1st 2014, which attracted over 450 international leaders.

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