Guadalajara and its pleasures.

The best of the best.

Our motivations to travel are enhanced when aside from doing business, we find comfort in every moment of our day. Guadalajara has become the host of international fairs and exhibits, it is the second most important business destination in the country, behind only Mexico City; this is why the city has evolved to accommodate its visitors and make their stay a memorable experience.

People who travel on business have special lodging needs, and we took it upon ourselves to consider what their options are, taking Expo Guadalajara as a geographical reference. Think about the warmth of home, personalized attention, communication facilities, and even the food when you schedule a visit.

Exclusive Lodging

The area gives you several options, and although the hotels are similar among each other, the interior changes and the small details make the difference. We start with a tour of the Holiday Inn Express, located less than half a mile from Expo Guadalajara; this hotel is preceded by the reputation of a chain that is known for its executive services: their morning coffee, today’s paper, a light breakfast and your transportation waiting at the door to be on time for every meeting.

Among the coziest options in the area is the Hotel Celta. Such comforting features are noticeable when you walk through the front door, it just makes you feel at home. This hotel is independent, and has attracted guests who range from executives to entire families on vacation by offering good service. Their Mexican breakfast buffet is a great option for those who like a substantial meal for breakfast. The Celta also offers a peculiar service, guests have a 2-hour grace period to check-out.

Our third hotel on the list is the Hampton Inn by Hilton, located on the corner of Av. Las Rosas and Av. López Mateos. It is ideally located to walk around one of the most beautiful avenues in the city, away from the bustle and hustle of Expo Guadalajara. This hotel has a satisfaction guarantee, and has been recognized by Trip Advisor as one of 4 hotels of excellence in Guadalajara. Their rooms are comfortable and are adapted for work, even on the bed, since they include a fold-out desk (exclusively designed for the chain) that allows you to place your computer on your legs more comfortably. There is Wi-Fi connection in the entire hotel and a business center where you can schedule meetings with clients in an unmatched environment. The bar opens in the afternoon and offers courtesy tap beer. El fogón del chef is a great restaurant that is also nearby, and is one of the best dining options around the area.

We would also like to recognize one of the most traditional restaurants in Guadalajara, Santo Coyote. It’s not just fine dining, the experience they offer is a pleasure for all 5 senses. Lights get dimmer at night, and your appetite must be prepared to take at least five courses and some good company. For any occasion, from a casual meal to the celebration of a business deal, Santo Coyote is a synonym of quality and good taste; it is Mexican food with bold combinations. Their most famous dishes include: conquista mushrooms with a delicious touch of garlic, “el negro” cream soup, dishes with beans and huitlacoche, and the goat meat…


Holiday Inn Express Guadalajara Expo

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Hampton Inn by Hilton

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Santo Coyote

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