• How can I access to IM Intermoda?

    Once you have made your registration online or directly in our registration modules during the days of the event, you will receive a badge to access. We remind you that this badge is personal, it is non-transferable and you must wear it whenever you are inside the event.

  • Where do I register?

    For your convenience, we enable our online registration ( http://intermoda.com.mx/pre-register-eng). Or you can do it during the first day of Intermoda activities in our registration modules located in halls 1 and 7 of Expo Guadalajara. We remind you that this is a private event for people that belong to the fashion industry and it is exclusive for adults (it is essential to carry an official ID with you).

  • What is the benefit of registering online?

    That you can do it from the comfort of your office and you will have a faster entry when collecting your badges, because you will already have the required code when you made your registration.

  • During which dates and hours is IM Intermoda?

    Our edition # IM73 (September 2020) will be held from Tuesday 1st to Friday 4th, September 2020 with a daily schedule from 9:00 to 20:00 hrs. from Monday to Thursday and Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 hrs.

  • Does the entry has any cost?

    The entry to IM Intermoda has no cost; the only requirement is to validate yourself as a buyer or entrepreneur in the following link: (http://intermoda.com.mx/pre-register-eng)



  • Does the online registration has a deadline?

    Our online registration is active even during our event with the purpose of speeding up your time when arriving to the venue and picking up your badges.

  • With my registration, how many companions can enter?

    If you are a buyer, you have the opportunity to register one more companion.

  • If I am a student, can I login?

    For your entrance, you should communicate to the Buyers Coordination with

  • Where can I collect my badges?

    You can acquire them during the event in our registration modules located in halls 1 and 7 of the Expo Guadalajara.

  • In case I require more badges, where do I contact you?

    You can express your request to the Buyers Coordination of Buyers with

  • What is the age required to access to the event?

    IM Intermoda is an exclusive event for professionals and entrepreneurs of the sector who are adults, for which it is essential to carry an official ID during the event. If you have children, in case you require, we offer a free daycare center service, located in hall 5 of Expo Guadalajara.

  • Can I enter with food?

    Access to food that comes outside from the venue is not allowed, if you wish, you can acquire food for consumption inside the facilities of Expo Guadalajara at the sale points located in each hall of the exhibition floor.

  • What do I find in IM Intermoda?

    IM Intermoda brings together designers, producers, distributors, and national and international buyers to exhibit and acquire the most outstanding trends of the season, it is the ideal place to connect with potential customers and close great business.

  • What benefits do I have when I am an exhibitor of IM Intermoda?

    We have discounts and exclusive promotions for our buyers, exhibitors and visitors in case you require any transportation service, lodging, restaurants and touristic tours. To know more information you can communicate to the ​​Hospitality area with

  • Which exhibitors will participate in this edition?

    We share you our Exhibitors Directory online

    Click Here

  • If I want to get in touch with an exhibitor, how can I do it?

    We have at your disposal the Business Meetings area, where you can meet new prospects and clients in an exclusive area, with all the facilities and the projection you need for this industry.

    Click Here 

  • What is Trend Zone?

    It is the area of ​​IM Intermoda that specializes in adapting fashion trends to the Mexican market, allowing to complete and transform concepts of the fashion industry into innovative proposals.

  • What is IM Trending?

    It is the space meant for fresh designers and brands, gives them the opportunity to show case advanced fashion trends with their select collections. As well as, having the chance to partake in runways and attend specialized lectures.

  • Do you have any doubt prior to or during the event?

    You can contact the Buyers Coordinator

    or, during the event in the exclusive Business Meetings area located in hall 4.

  • Is there sale to the public?

    There are only sales in the accessories and IM Trending areas on Friday (last day of exhibition).

  • Are the facilities of the venue suitable for anyone?

    The fairgrounds have adequate facilities for the transit of wheelchairs and walkers, making it an appropriate space for anyone.

  • What does my booth include?

    The hiring of your booth includes: an area delimited by screens of white melanin, label or company name in marquee, installation of electric current with 2 connectors of 500 watts, carpet (according to the hall), general cleaning of common areas, control and registration of visitors, insertion of your information in the Exhibitors Directory (hired on time), invitations for their buyers (hiring on time), surveillance in common areas and at night (the exhibitor is responsible for the safety of your stand), and badges for your staff.

  • What is the size of my stand?

    The stand has a measurement of 3.60 x 3.60 meters with a height of 4.80 meters in both halls (Jalisco and Guadalajara).

  • How many badges can I get?

    This number depends on the number of booths you hire:

    • 1-2 stands = 4-8 exhibitor Badges / 2-3 model Badges.
    • 3-4 stands = 11-15 exhibitor badges / 5 model badges.
    • 5 stands = 18 exhibitor badges / 6 model badges.
    • 6-8 stands = 25 exhibitor badges / 6-8 model badges.
    • 9-12 stands = 36 display stands / 8 model badges.
  • When and where are the exhibitor badges delivered?

    They are delivered during the assembly weekend: Saturday, Sunday and Monday before the event at the Organizing Committee located in hall IV under a schedule from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  • What information should I know prior to the event?

    • July 11th – 13th from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. = Badges delivery
    • July 12th – 13th = Check the exhibitor’s manual
    • July 14th 12:00 p.m. = Opening Ceremony
    • July 14th – 17th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. = Exhibition hours
    • July 17th from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. = Sample book exit
    • July 17th – 18th from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. = Disassembly
  • With which advertising options can I count on for having a greater brand presence within the exhibition?

    We have a wide range of advertising products for you; if you wish, you can request more information with your sales executive.

  • What documents should I bring to do business network?

    It is essential to carry your business cards, samples with the proper regulation labels and formats, order forms and even a card terminal to make advances or payments.

  • Can I sell my samples?

    Intermoda is an exclusive event for accredited wholesale buyers so the sale of the sample is not allowed. Sample sales are allowed only for the accessories and Trending areas on the closing day (Friday).

  • Who can help me with the assembly of my booth?

    We have a list of suppliers suggested for you, contact your executive so she/he can share it and choose the best option.

  • Where can I rent additional services (light, cleaning, internet, pendant, telephone, ...)?

    You can find these services directly at the Expo Guadalajara exhibition center or you can contact 01 (33) 3343-3000 to quote what you need.

  • I am interested in being an exhibitor, what should I do?

    • Fill out the booth leasing form,
    • Submit your request to the corresponding executive, contact. 
    • Afterwards, you will be receiving at your email all the information necessary to follow up and solve your doubts.