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Experts predict the growth of companies

The Mexican fashion industry keeps growing, in part due to the venues for business and new talents that have emerged in our country lately, which is why IM Intermoda is a unique platform where different areas interact.

One of these areas is IM Trending, an ideal place to appreciate the work and proposals of the new designers, creatives, and fashion brands that showcase their talents, upcoming collections, and exclusive designs at the fair’s two annual editions.

This area promotes business relationships, due to its location and the flow of attendants between the technical section that includes trends, lectures, and runways, and the design sections, which are bolstered every year with the participation of new talent. The objective is to present the tools needed to develop defined concepts, which are fundamental to develop competitive products and to reach national and international markets.

IM Trending is a synonym of strategic vision and opportunities for the expansion of brands and independent designers, which are divided into the “New Talent” area and the “Designers Corner”.



 The New Talent section showcases proposals from designers with one, two or three years of experience working in the industry; this is categorized into two segments: brands and designers that can produce 3 – 5 times the volume that they have on display, and brands that are capable of producing larger volumes due to their nature as companies. Both profiles are required to be newly involved in the fashion business.



 The Designers Corner showcases creative minds and brands with over three years of experience working in the industry. At this stage, designers already have a certain reputation and are recognized for their work by colleagues and buyers. These designers showcase more formal collections and reflect their experience in each season proposal, which are generally and strongly influenced by international trends.



 Runways are the perfect stage to showcase the talent of the different actors and characters of IM Trending, a place that gathers designers, producers, suppliers and representatives of each fashion industry sector. Although IM Intermoda has two runway sections, the Designers Corner is special due to the daring nature of its proposals; it is a place where all participants feel free to express their creativity.

Julio 2020

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