Francisco began his career in Market Research in 2011 at Client Service Mexico, where he worked for 4 years serving mass consumption accounts such as Bimbo, Hershey's, Heineken, Herdez and Jafra. He continued his development in the Business Development area. Through his expertise in business development, Francisco has trained teams from Central America visiting Guatemala and Costa Rica as well as Colombia, in the latter he participated in an exchange staying 1 month, getting to know the Colombian market and contributing from his business vision. to the team of this country.

Know How of the Market –11 years in Mexico –knowledge of the Latin American market.

With his knowledge of the various baskets of mass consumption, clothing and footwear and the Macroeconomic environment of Mexico, Francisco provides his prospects with a vision of understanding the Mexican Shopper, contributing to the understanding of new ways to grow in the current environment of the Country.

Exhibitor – in congresses, expos, companies and universities.

More particularly participating in different Kantar events to prospects in Mexico and Colombia, and in invitations from the TEC de Monterrey campus Guadalajara.

More from Francisco – graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, with experience in Public Relations and Business, passionate about learning about new cultures and traveling.

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