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Sports Hall

Sports Hall

The Intermoda space where fashion products for the sports market converge.
In other words, the specialized area to expose
various sports lines with multiple styles.

Buyer profile

Buyer profile

-61% are boutiques , chain stores and department stores.

-39% belong to concept stores and independent merchants.

-80% are owners and/or CEOs.

-51% are between 26 and 45 years old.

-National buyers and from 18 countries .

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Hire your booth!

Hire your booth!

booth format

-Aluminum structure (3.6 mx 3.6 mx 2.5 m high).

-5 mm white chipboard partition.

-Vinyl cut label in black color and Arial type font. 10 cm high. Does not include logo.

Cost: $20,000.00 pesos plus VAT.

Lic. Patricia Prado / Commercial Executive


WhatsApp: 33 2342 1628