Changes for good

Accessories now at Salon Guadalajara

The accessories area has a new location, and it would be great for you, Mr. or Mrs. Buyer, to find out about this change in venue, given that this area has always been very frequented for obvious reasons, since important businesses emerge here.

Be it handbags, wallets, costume jewelry, scarves, and an endless stream of products, the reality is that accessories always give that fashionable touch to an outfit, a look, or a silhouette, as it was formerly said in Spanish. Accessories are the do or die for garment, they highlight and emphasize the clothes that a person wears, which is why nowadays a multitude of companies have pursued the production, import, and commercialization of these products which, as we mentioned before, are displayed extensively and with a great variety.

Since the last season, the organizers of Intermoda decided to change for the well-being of the event and its exhibitors. We know that all change generates bewilderment, which could lead to thinking that change was not positive, and we even try to convince ourselves that it was negative. However, this was not the case, for this change was ultimately to generate traffic, to rearrange and support the different areas of the event.

The benefits are that now there are resting areas and the halls at Salon Guadalajara are wider, which will allow for a more comfortable reception of the ever-growing number of visitors.

We know that with the collaboration of our exhibitors and buyers, the accessories area will be much visited again and sales will increase. All of these changes are though for your benefit. If you have any concerns or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit us at the offices of the Organizing Committee. We very much appreciate your understanding.

Julio 2020

  • 14 Martes
  • 15 Miércoles
  • 16 Jueves
  • 17 Viernes
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