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At IM INTERMODA we have the necessary tools to help you expand your business by being the best fashion platform that connects you to the leading examples of the national and international fashion industry.

That’s why we offer

*Pre-registration on our website so you can be part of the event.
*Registration on our site.
*You must be over 18 to attend our exclusive event.

Access Policies

Steps for your registration

  • resricciones
    Exclusive event for people over 18 years old.
  • resricciones
    It is not allowed the access of strollers inside the expo.
  • The ideal forum for buyers and exhibitor’s meetings.
    Make appointments; find new prospects and clients; benefit from all the advantages and benefits that our event offers and you need in this industry.
    The main advantages of this service are its successful appointments with competitive companies who will help you satisfy the market needs. Thanks to the large number and variety of stakeholders, having both profiles gives you the opportunity to meet a large number of prospects in a practical and simple way.
    This is a courtesy service we provide to help develop business opportunities with buyers. Make the most of this opportunity.




The area where you have the opportunity to know the proposals of new talent that is presented in advance with the latest trends in fashion and designs.

This is where designers and creatives generate important business relationships.



Attend our cycle of workshops and conferences, where experts from different areas impart topics of interest in the fashion business industry.


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