Welcome to Intermoda 2015

TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY, as it is the beginning of a new edition of Intermoda. There are four intense but pleasant days ahead of us, and we have a lot of work to do. Without a doubt, Intermoda is currently the biggest fashion trade show in Latin America, and one of the biggest in the continent.


This January 2015 edition is very significant for the sector, due to the diverse economic situations that this industry has seen over the past year. Our exhibitors have great expectations, and surely there will be great results in the relationships between manufacturers and buyers, which will hopefully kick start a significant recovery.


I am sure that we will see great proposals over the next few days, both from national and international manufacturers, as well as from designers presenting their season proposals. I can assure you that the bitter memories of the past are behind us, and the industry will have a greater projection for 2015, which will be reflected in terms of job growth and generation.


All of us at Intermoda walk enthusiastically along with the dynamics of the 21st century. Our duty is to be on the same page as the main world class exhibits, and we are committed to attracting the largest number of exhibitors, buyers, and wholesalers as we can, offering them an ideal environment for business generation. This is why we have implemented new exhibits and better conditions at our trade show, which will surely benefit all of our attendants. These changes are thought to help build a better Intermoda, and to provide all the possible tools for buyers to find the products that would help their businesses.


Intermoda has been the platform for companies and designers for 30 years. It has helped designers come out from anonymity and consolidate their businesses to the point of currently being among the best in the country and, due to their successful work, are now a vital part of the economy of our fashion industry. We are incredibly proud to see the most important national and international designers and companies attend the fair every edition. Small, medium-sized, and large companies alike; you will always be welcomed.


Intermoda is currently an important asset for Guadalajara, our city. Hotel chains, restaurants, airlines, car rental companies, and taxis all see themselves benefited before, during, and after the event due to the large volume of attendants. January and July are the months in which Guadalajara becomes the biggest business destination in the country, by accommodating the most important national and international fashion wholesalers.


Our exhibit has certainly grown, and it will continue its natural evolution over the next few years. We are aware of the upcoming challenges, and I am certain that team Intermoda will be capable of addressing them perfectly. We clearly have a lot more work to do, and I’m sure we’ll do a good job. In the meantime, I am pleased to welcome you to one of the most important fashion exhibits in the world.

Julio 2020

  • 14 Martes
  • 15 Miércoles
  • 16 Jueves
  • 17 Viernes
9 hrs - 20 hrs 9 hrs - 17 hrs