Access Policies


Exhibitor Policies

  1. 1. Displaying BRANDS or LOGOS is strictly prohibited without prior registration.
  1. 2. For security reasons, it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure personnel remain in the stand at all times (assembly, exhibition, disassembly).
  1. 3. INTERMODA is not responsible at any time for damage, loss or wear of objects, equipment or merchandise.
  1. 4. Objects, equipment and merchandise must remain in your stand. Packing, disassembly, storing, or putting away merchandise is prohibited before the event’s closing July 17 at 5pm.
  1. 5. INTERMODA does not have a working or commercial relationship with models or modeling agencies and clearly states that it will not be responsible for negotiations between models and agencies. INTERMODA is also not responsible for commercial transactions that take place during and after the event between buyers and exhibitors.
  1. 6. Tools and machinery for welding, cutting, drilling, piercing, taking apart, or altering mounting structures or material, as well as the use of solvents and all types of paint is strictly prohibited.
  1. 7. Body painting is strictly prohibited.
  1. 8. Sound systems are strictly prohibited.
  1. 9. Visitor registration will close on the last day of the event at 5pm (no access without a badge).
  1. 10. The exhibition center does not permit outside food or drink.
  1. 11. Exhibition material or furniture must not trespass on common areas such as aisles, corridors and rest areas.
  1. 12. Distributing advertising is strictly prohibited outside of stands, including in admission and common areas.