People in their 30’s, with the best style.

As life itself, cycles end and they leave us with new experiences, knowledge, and goals to achieve. In this new edition of Intermoda, we confirmed that our 30’s are definitely the stage to become the best at what we do, and this year we confirmed that we are still the fashion leaders in Mexico and Latin America.

Intermoda is still expanding, and it attracts brands that range from ethereal and feminine dresses to the most consolidated urban apparel brands. Love Zazu, who had an opening parade that was full of drama (, showed us noir aesthetics from the 40´s and the femme fatale, which are the mega-trends for this Winter season (

Youtoo ( and Vicente Castellón,, showed us that the female figure will continue inspiring next year’s summer trends, disengaging from maximalism and oversized, exaggerated cuts.

Urban fashion had to be a part of such an important cycle for Intermoda. Brands like Farenheit filled our runway with apparel that was ready to go out onto the streets with a totally fearless and confident attitude ( But the event that definitely set the tone for urban clothing was Chou Room, (, which gathered major brands such as Squalo (, Circa (, Poizon (, and Antifashion (, these brands showcased their collections on the runway, which looked both comfortable and relaxed, while displaying the fierce attitude that characterizes every major city .

Just like every year, Intermoda served as a platform for all the new designers that joined this fascinating and competetive fashion market. We have the UVM and UNICO runways, which will showcase new, local and emerging talents. Their proposals were so diverse that we were very proud to be the first runway in which they display their talent.

But our closing runway surely represented everything that we believe in: brands that transcend due to their style and good taste. David Salomón showcased a collection that was centered on women and their sensuality. Full of energy colors ( and cuts that highlight the qualities of any woman. Without a doubt, it was a runway in which femininity and good taste were combined perfectly; dresses that make you look perfect regardless of the occasion (

Benito Santos’ magic showed up at Intermoda and swept us all away: a bride full of dreams, a place where fairytales are transformed to bring us more real and modern brides (, where laces and the potential of A-cut skirts give girls the strength that they need ( The runway represented the path that local fashion taking: a renowned brand that is aware of who its clients are, a brand that knows the women who buy each one of the dresses that emerge from the creativity of Benito Santos (

Carrie Bradshaw, the great icon from Sex and the City, said that we learn our most important lessons in our thirties. I believe that we can slightly disagree with her: our new decade consolidates us, turns us into a real platform for regional fashion, and demonstrates that talent is the true reason why brands succeed. We are happy about our 30th anniversary, now it’s our turn to evolve.

See you next time (

Julio 2020

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  • 15 Miércoles
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